• Custom Bamboo Fly Rods By Lee Orr

    Built to Order. Classic or Modern Tapers. Handmade Components. Premium Finishes. Custom Rod Tubes

Our Rods

Custom Reel Seats

Hand turned spacers and custom nickel hardware designed to match each blank

Premium Finishes

High quality handmade components built to exacting standards on each and every rod

Hand Planed Tapers

Classic or modern tapers hand planed from a single culm of premium Tonkin bamboo

What Makes Us Different

304 Maker Lee Orr carefully crafts each 304 rod from a single culm of Tonkin bamboo. Each component, from reel seat to tip top, is handcrafted to match the blank. Lee takes pride in each and every rod he builds and his love for the process shows in the attention to detail his rods exhibit.

Lee hand planes and assembles each 304 rod to order from a single culm of Tonkin bamboo. He builds on traditional tapers developed by masters like Young, Payne, and Dickerson as well as more modern tapers, including some of his own designs. You can order a 304 rod with either a flamed or blonde blank with either a single tip or with two bookmatched tips.
The reel seat on each 304 rod is handmade to fit the blank. Lee crafts each sliding band seat out of nickel silver and locally sourced hardwoods. Lee takes great pride in his reel seats, taking the time to hand carve and mortise each spacer. Just one of the many ways that a 304 rod stands out from the crowd.
Each 304 rod is appointed with the finest of finishes. Lee crafts each snake guide from stainless steel wire and each stripping guide from nickel silver and agate. Each blank is finished off with fine silk wrappings and varnish. Standard rods come with a rod sock and an aluminum tube. Lee also offers finely crafted bamboo rod tubes, made by his uncle, for an additional $500. These custom tubes are as much a work of art as the rods themselves. To see more about these tubes, check out Fish Tail Fly Rod Tubes.
Lee's passion for bamboo rod building shines through in each and every 304 rod delivered. From bookmatched tips to handmade reel seats, a 304 rod is as much a work of art as a fly rod. Whether you are looking for an everyday rod or a true show piece, a 304 rod will not disappoint. Order yours exactly how you want it, from tip to butt.
Lee's focus is on building fishing tools, first and foremost. Each 304 rod is built to be fished day in and day out. Bamboo rods are no more delicate than fiberglass or graphite rods. And 304's rods are perfectly capable of handling any fishing situation you throw at them. So whether you are looking for a bamboo rod for everyday fishing or for special occasions, let Lee build the perfect rod for you.


About 304 Rod Co

304 Rod Company is the result of one man, Lee Orr’s, passion for building premium quality bamboo fly rods. 304 Maker Lee Orr has been hand crafting fine bamboo fly rods since he first picked up a quality bamboo rod more than a dozen years ago. He fell in love with bamboo rods and quickly mastered the intricacies of bamboo rod building.

Lee's passion for bamboo fly rod building has grown over the years along with his skill level. Nearly one hundred rods later, Lee still enjoys crafting each and every rod he sells.

Meet Lee Orr

“I have been fly fishing for around 30 years. During that time, I progressed from fly tying to graphite rod building then to making bamboo rods. I am an active member of Trout Unlimited and dedicate much of my time to ensuring that there is viable wild trout water in West Virginia.

I fish for anything that swims and mostly with a fly rod. My goal is to catch as many species of fish on a fly rod as I can. Most of that effort is currently focused on the various warmwater species that live in the Kanawha River near my home. Most of these fish are bass, but I catch the occasional catfish, drum or buffalo as well.

My father is from Billings, Montana and I have spent a great deal of time fishing the state. During my youth I would spend the entire month of August there, fishing every other day not realizing at the time what a rare opportunity I was given. Since then my grandparents have passed and the grown-up world has taken over.

My affinity for bamboo started after finally casting a quality bamboo rod a dozen years or so ago. Prior to that the only bamboo rods I was familiar with were low quality, mass produced rods. Once I cast a good rod I was determined to start fishing bamboo. After some research, I was surprised to learn that I could actually make a rod myself. So I jumped in and started making rods. I've built nearly one hundred rods since.”

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